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Meeting notes

meeting notes 17-4-19— April 2017 meeting notes

meeting notes 16-11-16 — November 2016 meeting notes

FCCSG notes September 2016 — September 2016 meeting notes

Draft meeting notes 16-6-16 — June 2016 meeting notes

Draft Meeting Notes 16-5-18 — May 2016 meeting notes

Draft Meeting Notes 16-3-16 — March 2016 meeting notes

Meeting Notes 16-2-17 — February 2016 meeting notes

minutes 15-11-18 — November 2015 meeting notes

Meeting notes October 2015 — October 2015 meeting notes

Meeting notes Sept. 2015 — September 2015 meeting notes

Meeting notes 15-7-15: July 2015 meeting notes

Notes from Housing discussion 6-17-15: Group discussion on housing issues in Fairfax City

March 2014 newsletter: updates on Kamp Washington development proposal, city zoning rewrite and other issues.

February 2014 newsletter: updates on preliminary proposal to redevelop Oak Knolls and current transportation projects.

January 2014 Newsletter : updates on Fairfax Circle Plaza, the Accotink Bridge replacement and other news.

October 2013 newsletter: updates on development, transportation and city planning issues.

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