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Our mission is to help Fairfax City reshape its built environment to create an exceptional place to live and work.

We envision a Fairfax City that is financially sound and provides its citizens with an exceptional quality of life through strategic redevelopment opportunities.

We support goal-directed higher density redevelopment.  By allowing more compact, mixed-use, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly development, the city will be better off financially and in spirit.

What we mean by quality of life:

• active business community
• locally based small businesses that meet the needs of residents
• greater opportunities for individuals to both live and work in Fairfax
• increased tax revenue to support first-class public services and infrastructure
•  housing options for diverse incomes and ages
• preservation of existing neighborhoods
• places and means for city residents and visitors to be physically active
•  safe and convenient walking and biking access to amenities
• convenient alternative transportation modes
Community and Civic life
• public spaces for a vibrant, active and engaging community life
• care for the historic inheritance of Fairfax
• low impact built environment
• restored habitat and streams
• healthy and plentiful trees

Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth uses this Smart growth checklist  to assess proposed development projects.

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  1. Steve K permalink

    If you are interested in sharing this on your blog, below is the link to my master’s thesis I did at Virginia Tech concerning Fairfax Circle and environs.

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