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The future of Paul VI

by on 03/29/2018

During the next two months, Fairfax City will be deciding on the future of the Paul VI property. The IDI Group is proposing to build 300-321 townhouse and condominium units on the 18-acre property, while preserving and adaptively reusing the main school building and providing a small amount of new retail development facing Fairfax Boulevard.


Picture1 cropped

Aerial view of current Paul VI campus. Courtesy of googlemaps.

Paul VI aerial proposed-credit IDI Group

Proposed redevelopment of Paul VI. Courtesy of IDI Group.

Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth has met with IDI several times and assessed the application according to our priorities for more walkable, mixed-use development, vibrant public spaces and expanded housing options. Our letter to the Planning Commission and assessment can be found at Paul VI-Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth

The application would redevelop a currently auto-oriented private school campus as a network of open space and walkable, bikeable internal streets. However, the proposed development does not provide new vehicular connections,  which are essential to relieving congestion on Fairfax City’s severly overburdened arterial roads.

The Planning Commission is supposed to hold a public hearing and vote on their recommendation for the application on April 23. The City Council public hearing and vote will be after City elections on May 1.




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