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Great opportunity to provide input on smart growth

by on 11/17/2017

Fairfax City is asking residents to help chart the course of future growth. This is a great opportunity to communicate the need for more walkable, mixed-use communities.

The City is asking residents to mark up maps and indicate where they would like future development of homes, stores, and offices to be concentrated. You can provide input by going to the Fairfax City Scenario Planning webpage.
1) Print both the map on the webpage, and the “Development Scenario Planning-development types” document.
2) Mark up the map in the areas where you would like to see future growth concentrated, and identify what types of development you would like to see, such as more compact, pedestrian-oriented building types.

We will also have maps and dots available at our group’s next meeting, on Monday November 20 at 6:30 PM at Fairfax City Library Room 103.


This is part of a new scenario planning tool that the City introduced at a meeting this week. Scenario planning uses a software program to model expected outcomes of different development types and scenarios – for example, more compact, walkable, mixed-use development vs. more dispersed development.

Many members of Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth attended and marked up the maps in person. If you didn’t attend the meeting, you can still weigh in by going to the webpage, or attending our meeting on Nov. 20.

City staff have developed four initial scenarios. They will use the citizen input potentially to develop a fifth scenario. At a follow-up meeting on December 7, planning staff will brief residents on the different scenarios and the predicted outcomes they would yield, in terms of transportation and traffic, City finances, environmental impacts and benefits, etc. This input will inform the update of the City’s comprehensive plan to guide decisions about development.


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