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Say “Yes” to a forward-looking vision for Fairfax City

by on 03/21/2016

Now is the time to say “yes” to a forward-looking vision for Fairfax City’s future.

We ask the City Council and Mayor to take actions that promote the economic vitality of the City of Fairfax so that we may preserve and improve our quality of life. The City depends on an expanded tax base to include new commercial developments supported by nearby higher density residential developments. In accordance with this goal we ask that initiatives that incorporate and promote the following goals be supported:

  • the preservation of our neighborhoods, historic heritage, and existing open space;
  • a range of transportation options to include biking, walking, and improvements to the street network for vehicular traffic;
  • a variety of housing options that enable people who work here to live here;
  • the continued preservation and improvement of parks, recreation, and arts;
  • the protection and restoration of habitat space and the underlying ecosystems;
  • improved connections with George Mason University students, faculty, and staff.

 These goals were echoed during the #VisionFairfaxMason,  a 2014 community-wide planning workshop that produced an ambitious plan to strengthen the economic ties between the City and the University. We urge the Mayor and Council to move forward with the recommendations in this plan to ensure the continued improvement of the quality of life for all Fairfax City residents.

Support our vision! Email us at smartergrowthfairfaxcity[at] and provide your full name. Or, leave a comment with your name. We won’t put you on any mailing lists.


  1. Fairfax City Citizens permalink

    I support — Douglas Stewart, 10822 Maple Street

  2. Tom Ross permalink

    I support this exciting vision. Tom Ross, 3520 Country Hill Drive

  3. Roland Cyr permalink

    I fully support this group, and urge the city council to aggressively pursue and implement these goals as soon as possible.

  4. Tamara Harvey permalink

    I support this vision. 10822 Maple St

  5. Betsy Bicknell, 3848 University Drive permalink

    I support this vision and urge the council to move forward with VisionFairfaxMason.

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